By people for people

Social Innovation mainly intends to improve how people relate to each other and to the planet. And that’s not all. It also seeks to run projects that represent a new way of growing and generating wealth in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way and that, in turn, represent exemplary development models to inspire Humanity.

Global challenges

The horizon for the Social Innovation Unit is the 2030 Agenda. Navarrese institutions have joined it and the Government of Navarre is aligned with its social, economic and environmental policies with the 17 SDG, its 169 goals and its indicators.

The United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015. This is a universal roadmap to put an end to poverty, fight inequality and injustice and tackle climate change. Its central slogan is “leaving no one behind”.


Pillars on which we rely


We generate conversations and we hold events to match up people and projects that aspire to improve the health of persons and the planet with sustainable, inclusive and socially and environmentally responsible economic models.


We imagine, design, promote and construct spaces to live together and co-create projects and ideas as a place for experiences, developing connections and constructing a world together that makes the most of the benefits and opportunities of a more environmentally-friendly life.


We create and take part in the development and implementation of collaborative ecosystems and platforms with which we aspire to create prosperity sustainably, backing social innovation for the benefit of people and the planet.


Action and work areas


We promote implementation of ecosystems where people and companies share their ideas, initiatives and improvement actions leading to collaborative projects that improve quality of life and health among the community which is the focus of this innovative work.


By developing networks, we are seeking implementation and extension of our communities of persons who recover the essence and strengthen their link and the roots that they maintain with the territory and the environment around them to seek out a common benefit that represents a way of generating wealth in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


We intend to attract the youngest and best prepared generation to eminently practical training, bound to the more technological areas, without forgetting their more ethical and human side (cooperation, collaboration, compassion, etc.). All this will provide professionals who, as well as approaching the SDG goals, also promote bio-entrepreneurship and above all, stand for motivation and an example of growth for the group and the society where they belong.